Since its establishment, SYL has created an environment that will enable sales professionals to succeed and achieve sales success. Our human resources come first and are the sine qua non for us. We work with people who regard the field sales as a profession, who are team-oriented, who care about what they do and how they do it.

The formula for success for SYL is clear.

Our entire team believes in 100% of his work and himself. It is attached to the profession with passion and labor. Belief and effort can be enough to succeed. However, in today’s world, being successful is no longer enough and you are expected to make a difference while being successful.

People dedicated to their profession to make a difference are the greatest value of SYL.

SYL is aware that having the right team will give the best chance to success and follows all stages of human resources development.

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    The most suitable candidates and teams are formed by using appropriate interview methods for sales personnel.

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    Sales competency trainings are designed in stages. In-class training – on-the-job training – examination – renewal training.

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    Performance evaluations are made monthly and annually. The coaching system improves the performance of all new and old employees.

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    360 DEGREE

    Every year, all our employees are evaluated 360 degrees. The results of this assessment both open up career paths and provide input to income

SYL representatives adopt the principle of “sales is my business ve and say that they love being able to act as a team. Other factors that affect our representatives are training and logistics investments and the level of technology support we have never experienced before. Representatives who started to work in SYL see the significant improvement in themselves and become a better sales representative.